About us

JewRoots agency isn’t your typical tourism company. We specialize in one specific destination, and we work there out of deep affection to the area, while providing many options for a custom and personalized trip, while making sure the conditions are most exclusive and prestigious – from the moment you leave and until you land back in Israel.


Moreover, we cherish the historical significance Eastern Europe holds for the development and the renewal of the Jewish culture in the 20th century. The roots of this revival trace back to the previous century, when movements rose, influential people were born, and masterpieces were written.

We’re truly fascinated with this land and out of this admiration we craft and lead exciting and inspiring tours to Eastern Europe.


Our goal is to create a unique experience with many impressions, leisure, and personal growth and enrichment.


The excellent combination of historical tours with the magnificent architecture, famous resorts, and the opportunity to visit less well-known sites with heritage meaning – these elements all come together and create the unique trips of JewRoots.

We base every group, family, or personal trip on an in-depth knowledge of every destination and site we list in the trip description.

We make sure to provide an unforgettable experience to each traveler who chose us – in small and big groups alike.

Additionally, our VIP packages were meant to meet any requirement with no exceptions.

We believe that knowing your genealogical history is extremely important for personal identity development. Hence, ancestry traveling for Jewish people to Eastern Europe make up an essential part of our activity.

The opportunity to visit the Jewish towns where our ancestors were born establishes a robust and unbreakable bond to the previous generations. Furthermore, this connection passes on to the future, and that’s crucial since a person (or a nation, for that matter) who’s oblivious to their past – won’t have a future as well.

The ancestry travel trips arranged by JewRoots provide a massive contribution to this continuity among generations and the preservation of the Jewish heritage and traditions, especially in the complicated reality we witness today.

The historical significance of the area for the Jewish people attracts scholars and researchers from many different disciplines.

We’re honored to accompany delegations from various academic institutions from Israel and abroad and help them with any research or educational purposes.

We’d be happy to provide our services to you and arrange an unforgettable trip to Ukraine – for any purpose.

History, heritage, a wide range of emotions, and excellent leisure – this unique combination is offered only by the Eastern Europe region and provided by JewRoots Tours!