Kosher catering
Our guides and additional staff accompany visitors to different areas of Ukraine, large cities, and remote areas alike.
Sometimes it’s difficult to come by Kosher dining solutions, and that might be a problem for traditional Jewish tourists.
JewRoots are taking care of all matters during the trip, suitable catering included.
This service provided by a professional chef with appropriate authorization, a Rabbinical supervisor who makes sure that every dish and plate are served as required by the Jewish laws.
This arrangement gives our clients the pleasure of Kosher and enjoyable meals as an integral part of their trip.
This saves time and money, enabling to enjoy the trip without giving any thought to the issue, contributing to a real VIP experience.
Our menu is varied and carefully crafted to be delicious and nourishing.
If the trip takes place during the holidays, we set up a festive table to celebrate the special occasion together, with all the traditional dishes included. This creates an unforgettable moment for the family among fellow Jewish people.
If you have any questions left regarding Kosher food, you’re welcome to leave us a message below, and we’ll get back to you with all the information in no time.