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Below, see all trip plans crafted by JewRoots so far.
We choose and compile our specialized routes based on the following considerations:
● Comfort and mobility
● Suitable accommodation
● Sites which hold significance and affinity to the Jewish history
● Variety and points of interest at any location and site

Furthermore, we offer our customers the opportunity to take on a VIP journey to enjoy the highest service. For more details, send us a message.



A journey following the footsteps the Jewish authors – the origins of Jewish literature

"Following the footsteps of the Jewish Authors" tour is tracing the world of
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Ancestry Travelling for families – genealogy tracking trips

Ancestry traveling is an important family activity for Israeli-Jewish families nowadays. It connects
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Field seminars – Study trips for academic institutions

Upon request, JewRoots organizes tours to provide members of academic institutions and educational
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Historical journey: Hasidism, Zionism and the Jewish Enlightenment movement in Europe

A meaningful tour to historically significant locations where the evolvement of the Hasidic
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Spa and wellness leisure – amazing resorts with healing qualities in Eastern Europe

Ukraine is known not only for its historical richness and the Jewish and
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Specific destinations – unique districts in Ukraine

JewRoots takes its customers to customized tours in particular areas of Ukraine. The
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The Jewish Heritage in Ukraine

A dynamic and diverse tour. Get familiar with numerous towns that influenced the
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VIP tours

  Organizing a trip on a high level requires skill, connections, and vast
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