Organizing a trip on a high level requires skill, connections, and vast experience in working with the specific crowd. We provide all these factors while planning every VIP trip as requested by our customers.

VIP format includes customized, carefully planned route, wholesome care, and service along with the ability and availability to fulfill any wish, requirement, or need of the travelers.

Profitable terms
Our team offers vast experience and deep love for the heritage and the history of the Jewish people in Ukraine. This allows us to custom-tailor the perfect trip for any purpose: ancestry traveling, exploration trip, historical journey or a tourist resort. We arrange trips with a varied budget, providing everything: transportation, accommodation, catering, and entertainment.

Beautiful Places
Our specialties include: guiding private family tours, educational projects on heritage aimed for the youth, academic institutions seminars, delegations for accompanying researchers. We’ve nurtured many business connections in the area, hence we can cooperate with the best service providers in Ukraine and deliver the best conditions for an unforgettable experience to all our clients while meeting their requirements and needs.

We are always doing the very best for our customers. It may include renting a private jet for fast travel within Ukraine, preparing unique gourmet dishes by our home chef or hiring a simultaneous interpreter to join the trip. Whatever you may need – JewRoots provides practical and creative solutions for the sake of your pleasure and satisfaction.

If you’re interested in more details regarding our VIP service – contact us, and we’ll get back to you with all the details.