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Ukraine. Kiev

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The whole history of Kiev is inseparable from the history of the Jewish community. Thanks to Jewish philanthropists, the Bessarabian market, the buildings of the Kiev Polytechnic, the building in which the Regional Hospital is now located, and the current synagogue on Schekavitskaya, and prayer houses on Nizhny Val, on Yaroslavl, Mezhigorskaya and the first Talmud Tora (Jewish religious school) on Konstantinovskaya and many other buildings, the current owners of which are not even aware of their original purpose. Objects erected with the money of Jewish patrons of art became peculiar monuments to those who forever inscribed their names in the history of the City (this is how, instead of the name Kiev, in his works the author called Master and Margarita called his hometown). The future political leaders of Israel, Golda Meir and Efraim Katzir, were born in Kiev. Writer Sholom Aleichem lived and worked in Kiev, Isaac Babel studied, Ilya Ehrenburg was born, and O. Mandelstam lived.

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