Why do you need to visit Ukraine?

Why Ukraine?
Ukraine is the cradle of East-European Jewish heritage, many prominent figures were born and raised there.
Over the years, this region was reigned by different nations and regimes. However, despite all the changes, this area has always been a place where notable and inspiring Jewish intellectuals resided.

For example:

● Prominent figures of Hasidism – Rabbi Yisrael ben Eliezer, known as Baal Shem Tov – the father of the Hasidic movement, Rabbi Yisrael Friedman of Ruzhin, founder of the Ruzhin Hasidism, from which other directions of this movements had evolved.
● Jewish history heroes – Menachem Ussishkin and Meir Dizengoff, members of the Odessa Committee, and many others.
● Intellectuals and cultural personas – Chaim Nachman Bialik and Shalom Aleichem

Ukraine is an influential origin of inspiring and impressive figures and formative events of the modern Jewish identity.

The distinctive traits of the tours we arrange:
● Exclusive routes we developed meticulously
● Luxurious accommodations
● All transportation solutions (from vehicles to private jets)
● Kosher catering
● Creativity in planning every trip – no two trips are alike
We also offer thematic tours dedicated to some of the fascinating topics in the Jewish being, as well as custom-tailored routes adapted to the interests of the travelers.

● A journey following the footsteps of the Jewish authors
● A trip dedicated to the Jewish heritage in Ukraine
● Historic trip to learn about Hasidism, Zionism and the Jewish Enlightenment movement in Europe
● Spa and wellness tours to Truskavets and other destinations (Kosher food)
● Active seminars – educational trips
● Ancestry Travelling for families
● Specific trips to districts in East-Europe: Galicia, Podolia, Bukovina, and more.

Each trip can be booked for a group or in VIP format, offering a personalized experience and a higher level of service.

Every trip is led by experienced tour guides. They are thoroughly acquainted with the area, fluent in all relevant languages (Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian) and provide outstanding organizational skills.

If you’re interested in planning an exciting and customized trip to Ukraine – leave us a message, and we’ll get back to you with all the details.



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